We are making two lovers meet for the first time ever!

It’s Fardeen and Naqsh against the world – that’s how they’ve felt from the start of their relationship. They were but young teenagers when they first met online and their friendship flourished into something more. They eventually decided that they were meant for each other and started planning on how to meet and marry. The problem is, the nations where they come from are not friendly with each other so they could not apply for tourist visas to each of their countries. It became the couple’s greatest fear to die without even meeting in person once!

Fardeen and Naqsh started saving up for their meetup in a neutral country instead. They’ve been met with hurdles and dead-ends along the way until they saw an opportunity with Project Nightfall Philanthropy’s Weekly 1000. Touched by their story, we reached out and the rest is history.

Here is what Fardeen has to say:

“I wanna say a lot of things right now but maybe it’s like a dream come true and I am all in silence and unable to express my emotions. Thank you so much for the help and support.”

Nightfam, if you truly put your heart and energy to it, things can be possible. For this couple, they had to wait and exert continuous effort for almost 13 years to finally meet. We hope that you don’t give up on your own dreams, too. Thank you for helping us, help them.

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