This son from Papua New Guinea is getting their house fixed

John was fearful that he and his disabled father would soon end up being homeless. His home for more than 20 years had leaking pipes and a rotting roof. When he walked on the floor, the whole house would shake. The place was no longer livable and was in danger of being repossessed. He thankfully saw the opportunity in Project Nightfall Organization’s Weekly giveaway and was so eager to share what this home and his family meant to him. This was his chance to finally put his home back in one piece.

Here’s what John has to say:

“It is more than enough, it will solve all my problems!

I’m so thankful to you and the Project Nightfall Team!”

Nightfam, because of you, we have helped John rebuild his dream for his family. After all, a home is more than just a shelter, it’s also the dwelling place for great memories, the birthplace of a person’s hopes and ambitions.

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