These earth warriors will have a water supply for their nursery

Project Nightfall Organization is donating a generator so that Congo Environnement Et Nature (CEN) will finally get their water pumps working. Through this effort, more trees will be planted and nearby households will also have access to clean water!

The goal of CEN is to champion sustainable environment management and fight against climate change. True enough, they have succeeded in their first steps in educating students and grown-ups alike about reforestation and involved them in planting trees. The next major step is to supply water for their seedlings and also share the water with those who live in the area. The other challenge: the location has no electricity source for the water tanks to function.

Here’s what Mariam has to say:

“Thank you very much for replying to our request.” “This will help us to purchase a generator and be able to help the population around and facilitate the work at our nursery.”

Nightfam, what we appreciate about organizations like these is not only their hard work but also their transparency. This way, we can easily see how awesome their projects are and we can share them with you, the people behind our ability to support causes from all over the globe!

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