Project Nightfall Philanthropy refuses to let these children, who are the future of our world give up on their dreams!

A passionate teacher reached out to tell us how some parents in her town can’t even afford to buy their kids pens and paper for school.

“Mam Nhing: They have no laptops so they had to come to school but in school they don’t even have anything to learn with.”

These kids are showing up without uniforms, pens, and any materials. All so that they can at least try to do whatever little they can in hopes of giving their parents a better life than the one they are living right now. The Project Nightfall Organization refuses to let these children, who are the future of our world and the only hope for their struggling parents, continue going to school already without a fighting chance.

No child, especially not one who is desperate to learn, should be robbed of the basic tools he needs for learning. So we have partnered with Madam Nhing, a teacher who sees these kids as her very own, with preparing starter kids for the most underprivileged kids in her school.

“Mam Nhing: We will give them good quality notebooks, files, and 3 pens each.”

Most importantly, we are proud to support the beautiful message behind PROJECT NOTEBOOK…

“Mam Nhing: With each starter kit comes a promise, to pay forward the help they received to a struggling student one day.”

Nightfam, we want to remind you that your support is allowing us to reach and help the most deserving people who are otherwise overlooked just because of where they were born or how much they make. For that our team will always be grateful. Thank you so much for supporting our mission.

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