Project Nightfall Philanthropy is providing safety for a dog shelter!

We’ve finally gotten a chance to help our lovely animals! This week we are funding the safety of at least 25 rescue dogs and helping them get neutered.

Building this safety fencing will protect these dogs from other vicious animals and the surgery will ensure that they live healthier, away from other medical risks. We wish these fur babies our best! ❤️

“Oh my god! Are you joking? I don’t believe This! Thank you so much! It’s amazing! The fact that you guys can be sitting miles away from where we are and we are in some remote part of India and we can connect like this on social media and that you can help us with funds is just amazing. I think more and more social media influencers should be doing this you know we need more people coming forward to help people like us. I’m really grateful to you Project Nightfall [Philanthropy] for choosing Wardha Dog Rescue this week. I think more than the money, the visibility that people will get from this, the fact that I feel validated today is very important to me. As the founder of Wardha Dog Rescue, it’s important to me that people show faith in us and I think that’s what you’ve done today. So thank you so much! – Manisha Hariharan, Founder of Wardha Dog Rescue

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