Project Nightfall Philanthropy is funding a mobile kitchen to feed a homeless community in the US

“Imagine already not having a roof over your head, and then having to think about how you will get your next meal, with no money… Every single day.

Our biggest mission is to help the homeless. One of the things that our homeless community is suffering from is the lack of food security. At the moment, there are no soup kitchens in the area and there’s nowhere that the homeless or the needy can go and get a hot meal.”

Sarah of Callaway Cares, shared that they only needed the last 3 components (water tank kit, refrigerator/freezer, and generator) for their mobile soup kitchen to be ready to start feeding the homeless and we are making it happen!

“Really? That’s awesome! I just want to say thank you so much to the Project Nightfall Philanthropy and everybody that was involved. This has been something we’ve been trying to do for a few months now, we just kept running into hurdles and it’s all monetary and this will get us there. I’m so excited to be able to get out and just help people.”

-Sarah Robison, Street Outreach Co-Coordinator of Callaway Cares

Thank you so much for supporting us, Nightfam! By watching our videos, you’re helping us save lives!

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