Menstrual health is a topic most people shy away from, but not us!

The Project Nightfall Philanthropy just bought sewing machines for an organization in Uganda to produce reusable sanitary pads! We are so proud to be able to empower women to help themselves!

The prices of menstrual products in Uganda have continued to rise, making it harder for girls and women to afford these monthly basic needs. To address the problem, the Tuezuule Initiative has begun a project involving women in producing reusable cloth sanitary pads.

The Tuezuule Initiative focuses on empowering girls, young mothers, and vulnerable women. Aside from this effort, they also strive to become a platform for education, vocational and skills training, counseling, legal assistance, and health services – all aimed to enhance the social and economical independence of women, girls, and the youth in general.

Here’s what the organization’s Founding Deputy Executive Director, Mr Ssewalu Abdan Abdul, has to say:

“Are you for real? I really can’t believe it. Thank you so much! It will really create a big impact. I’m so happy about this. I’m so happy that, finally, I got someone who is not within the community to appreciate what we are doing… Something, I thought impossible, has happened.”

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