Breaking myths about periods, changing lives of girls

Remember those days in school when you really wanted to skip class? Maybe it was because you were feeling lazy or hadn’t finished your homework… We’ve all been there!

But for many girls in Nigeria, they miss school for a sadly specific reason…Their PERIOD! And it’s not even because of physical pain, but because they fear getting teased or bullied for something entirely natural.

“I feel so conscious of myself that I might not… Maybe people making jest of me during the period,” shared one girl.

Imagine this happening every single month!

Nightfam, unfortunately, there are still so many parts of the world where women and men alike think menstruation is a curse! They don’t understand what a period is. Globally, 500 million women and girls have no access to menstrual products because they could not afford these basic things. This is called PERIOD POVERTY.

But Project Nightfall Philanthropy wouldn’t allow this to continue. We partnered with Youth as Gender Initiative to distribute reusable pads to 400 school girls in Nigeria! Not only that, but the girls also got essential education about periods, breaking the myths and stigmas!

This is not the first time we’ve done something like this, Nightfam, and certainly wouldn’t be the last. Thank you for fighting period poverty with us! We hope that this help from Project Nightfall Philanthropy inspires the girls to NOT PUT A PERIOD to their own future.

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