An outstanding student in Gambia is given the chance to study abroad

Growing up with a single mom, Babucarr faced tough times in school. Rather than giving up, he turned his challenges into motivation for excellence. His impressive academic achievements not only took him to new places but also broadened his perspective on the diverse realities of the world.

Inspired by this journey, he pursued becoming a student leader and eventually decided to dedicate himself to public service in his country, Gambia. Recognizing the importance of expanding his knowledge, Babucarr sought an opportunity to study abroad, aiming to better serve his people. Although he successfully secured admission to the University of Naples in Italy, the financial hurdle of processing his visa and covering travel expenses posed a significant obstacle.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Project Nightfall Philanthropy stepped in to support this determined student, generously donating $1000 for his visa and travel expenses. Babucarr expressed deep gratitude and pledged to make the most of this opportunity. He emphasized that the donation would not only benefit him but also contribute to realizing the dreams he holds for his people.

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One thought on “An outstanding student in Gambia is given the chance to study abroad

  1. Thank you so much project nightfall . I always follow you and am inspired about the immense work you guys are doing .
    I once sent you my request for assistance . I got an admission to Minnesota State University Mankato to study Biology but due to my family financial status I was not able to pursue my educational career.
    Please I hope you guys can reconsider my application.

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