A Health Center in Uganda will have a supply of medicine

The Hamda Community Health Center was originally built as a free clinic for Smile Africa Children’s Foundation, a school and orphanage in Uganda. However, after reaching out to the community, the founder Robert Katende and the staff realized there was no treatment facilities or hospitals in the area. So the clinic opened up for more people instead and became the community’s first health center.

With the pandemic, the number of patients have increased. Robert sent his application to the Project Nightfall Organization hoping to win the $1000 and buy additional supply of medicines for their healthcare facility.

Here’s what Robert has to say:

“We can reach a lot of people with that $1000, even if it’s only $1, it can still make a change and treat someone…”

“We are so happy to hear from you what a good news. [We] shall be so happy to share with you pictures and videos of what your donation has done for our health center.”

Nightfam, the story of Robert and his efforts for the community is truly notable. We are so proud to be a part of this in a small way. And of course, this is also on you, Nightfam! Thank you!

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