2 Young Brothers Are Getting Therapy

The right tools and support during childhood can really set people up for incredible success in their lives. And for our first Weekly 1000, we’re giving two beautiful boys the exact tools that they need! Joaquin and Cecilio are 4 and 6 years old, and suffer from autism and intellectual disability.

Here’s what their mom had to say:

“We genuinely appreciate it and yes, video recordings with their therapies will be regularly sent. With Project Nightfall’s help, they can get started with their therapies and my dream of seeing them be independent, great and kind individuals are now possible. You are truly changing lives!”

With our help these boys will be started off on 3 to 4 months of behavioral, speech and occupational therapy each, which will shape their lives forever!

Millions of children with disabilities struggle to fit into their environments. By getting them the right therapy, we are humbled to help these two boys grow and transform! Thank you Nightfam, remember that by watching our videos you help us save lives.

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