$14,000 in Oxygen concentrators for covid patients in India

Right now, some covid-19 patients in India are literally breathing because of us!

The second wave of COVID-19 took a huge toll on India. Right now, the virus there is spreading faster than anywhere else in the world. No more hospital beds. No more oxygen supplies. The longest queues to cremate dead bodies. More than ever, they needed our help. And we gave it.

We’ve managed to buy 12 oxygen concentrators for a small town in Karnataka, where there was the highest level of scarcity of oxygen.

Each concentrator helps to keep a patient alive for a few days till their health stabalises and then the same concentrator is free to be used by the next patient. We are so blessed to be in a position to help!

Because you support the Project Nightfall Organization, we are literally saving lives together.

Thank you Nightfam.

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